The Power of Social Media

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How a Side of Social Media Can Boost Your Revenue

Here’s a stat to jump-start this week’s blog: according to demographers a generation is about 15-20 years. For Millennials that means birth years of 1981 to 1996, according to the latest Pew research. For Gen Xers it’s 1965-1980. For social media platforms it means that sites like LinkedIn, MySpace (yes, it still exists) and Facebook are in the same “digital generation” as Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat – barely. 


Regardless, it’s amazing to think that in less than a generation how important these websites have become. We use them to update our friends, sharing stories, pictures and video. We use them to raise awareness for a cause. We crowdsource fundraising. And increasingly, we share our experiences and interactions with our favorite (and in some cases least favorite) brands. 

For restaurants looking to boost their revenue generation through live entertainment this last fact has important implications. 

That’s because like people, every restaurant is different. And in a tri-county region of over 6 millionresidents (Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach) and 13,000licensed restaurants, engaging this diverse North American, European, and Latin American crowd is essential if you want to not only remain in business, but thrive while doing it. 

Social Media at 17

Used correctly, social media can be a powerful tool your restaurant can use to attract, retain and excite new and returning customers. Best of all, it’s entirely free. Especially if you consider the organic power of “homegrown” campaigns created by your own loyal restaurant patrons. Live entertainment paired with a perfectly presented dish is ideal storytelling for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. 


The logic is simple. Let your customers advertise your establishment for free and see how your restaurant becomes the new, hottest “it” place.


By the numbers social media, despite being the equivalent age of a high school teenager, truly is transformative. (Personally I would put its development right up there with Gutenberg’s printing press and Morse’s telegraph) To say it’s how the world shares information today is a profound understatement. That’s despite the fact that less than half the worldhas Internet access.


But if you’re a restaurant owner in Miami thankfully you operate in the half of the world that does. Therefore it helps to know these essentialsocial media stats:


  • 95% --of online adults 18-34 follow brands via social networking
  • 71% --of consumers who had a positive social media experience with a brand are likely to recommend that brand to a friend
  • 96% --of people that discuss brands online don’t follow corporate profiles (it’s organic, information shared among friends in a digital word-of-mouth fashion)
  • 40x –visual content is 40 times more likely to be shared on social media, a fact that pairs well with food, drinks, and live entertainment
  • 2.56 billion –that’s the global number of mobile social media users, already more than a third of the total human population of 7.7 billion. And this figure is growing every day

Live Entertainment Served Fresh, Shared Online

Now, just think how all of these social media users will empower your restaurant brand if it included live entertainment? At Dry N Wet,experts in live entertainment solutions and event planning, we think about it a lot!


That’s because we know the power of live entertainment. Done right, there is nothing else like it for exciting the senses. With the right live entertainment mix powering your restaurant experience you will: increase the number of customers you serve, increase how much they spend per visit, increase the frequency of their visit, and provide the leverage for you to raise your prices, as the new buzz generated justifies those increases.


What it comes it really comes down to is creating the best ambiance possible for your restaurant brand. And encouraging your guests to share their positive experiences through social media. 


By using our exclusive 3-tier systemof live entertainment selection, Dry N Wet takes the hassle and headache out of the entertainment selection process. We handle the vetting of talent. We interview you to ensure we understand the demographics and psychographics of your guests. And we only hire the most talented, most responsible DJs. 


So when it comes to transforming your restaurant into a late-night live entertainment destination, your guests’ smartphones will be recording – and posting the most meaningful moments of their experience – without documenting any DJ mishaps or unsavory shenanigans. That goes for graying Baby boomers, middle aged Gen Xers, 30-something Millennials, and yes, the recently minted 21-year-old Generation Z!