Super Bowl Beach Party

Pedro Lara
07.02.19 11:28 AM Comment(s)

How to ‘Kickoff’ a Killer Beach Party: 
Don’t Punt on Live Entertainment

OK, you know a live entertainment blog written hours before the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams take to the field for Super Bowl LIII had to include football puns, right?! Don’t worry. I wont go end zone to end zone on these jokes, but consider this your red flag.

While Atlantans and Super Bowl city visitors celebrate the fact that after a sharp cold snap temperatures have rebounded into the low 60s F under partly sunny skies, Miamians watching the game last night smiled at their fellow Southerners. Why? Because a day in the low 60s in winter in Miami would be among our coldest days – not our warmest. In fact, as 305 locals know, February in Miami is beach season! Average high temperatures rise from the mid to upper 70s, twilight extends to nearly 7 p.m. by month’s end, and for the first time since November, the sun is strong enough to burn.

But if you’re throwing a party on the beach what are some guidelines you should keep in mind? For starters, if your gathering is large enough, say 100 or more guests, live entertainment is a must. This “golden rule” holds true if you’re a private individual looking to do something other than drop benjamins at hotspots like Nikki Beach, or if you’re part of a condo management team looking to throw an exclusive live entertainment event for your residents and friends.

Getting Your Live Entertainment Game On 

Ensuring your beach party success begins and ends with the perfect live entertainment. Sure, other variables like having good food, appropriate lighting, water and drinks are important too. But live entertainment – no matter the venue – is always the most important. The Super Bowl, for instance, brings upwards of $350 million to a city’s economy in which a large portion of that figure includes entertainment.


But even if your beach bash isn’t on par with Tom Brady, live entertainment, be it a DJ, a band, dancers, a comedian, or even a fire dancer (yes, we book those too) is the fuel that adds spark and energy to your event. The right music, played by the right DJ who can read and interpret the crowd’s shifting moods and emotional needs as the event progresses, is the best way to keep your guests entertained.


Not only that, but the happier they are in the moment the more likely they are to share that moment on social media – a fact we addressed in last week’s blog.

So with keeping live entertainment in mind here are some tips you should consider when throwing a killer beach party:


  • Create a playlist that mixes old and new songs. Aim for festive and upbeat, filled with song choices guests will recognize.
  • Keep the music genres diverse – like your crowd. Remember, this is Miami and Miami Beach, after all. Reggaeton, Bachata, Rock, Country, and all varieties of Electronic Music are pervasive in the Magic City Play to the crowd.   
  • Perform an equipment and power check. Hassle-free tunes is a great beach basic. But if there’s a power problem, or a battery problem, your live entertainment event can go from boom to bust fast. Plan ahead and test everything. Backup portable power might be useful too.
  • Consider a stage or platform. This isn’t just to gain height and authority as the live entertainment leader. A little height helps reduce sand blowing into your equipment, preventing damage. Likewise, a band shell or protection from the elements can help when Miami’s weather turns mean.
  • Know the rules. Miami Beach can be strict when it comes to hosting a live entertainment event. Larger crowds require a permit and a security presence. Failure to notify the police can result in your event being broken up or a fine. Other beach municipalities in Miami-Dade and Broward County have similar rules. Play by them!

Home Field Advantage: Miami is Dry N Wet’s Turf

The best part about reviewing a list like this is that Dry N Wet, the experts in event planning and live entertainment, has your back. Just think of Kate, Mario and I like your football “fullbacks.” When it comes to hosting your beach event, you’re the quarterback. We’re your support. And no beach mishap or – either by Mother Nature or code violation – will stop you from scoring big when your special day arrives.


Our team of talent works with you to lessen the stress and hassle commonly associated with gatherings like these. We will also help you reduce your out-of-pocket expense. From planning, production, and execution, our exclusive multi-tier entertainment package offers DJs with a huge diversity of expertise and style. With our tiering system you have ultimate control to choose the exact way you want your beach live entertainment event to look and feel.

As the Miami area continues headlong into spring and with talk of Ultra and WMC (never mind that it’s in March) already heating up, now is the time to prepare your ultimate beach live entertainment event.


Do it right and your beach celebration will be a Super Bowl-sized success!