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Pedro Lara
17.02.19 07:07 PM Comment(s)

Jobs Data Spells Good News for Miami’s Live Entertainment: 
How is Your Business Cashing in?

What could the recently released January jobs report have to do with live entertainment? Or to put it another way, why would a reader of Dry N Wet’s blog want to read about it? Hmmmm...


These were the twin questions I considered as I read a CNN article on the topic last week. I have to say, as someone who appreciates data and the burgeoning science of wearable biometrics, I was intrigued. It’s a solid report. Credit to president…..well….who needs to inject politics in a blog about live entertainment and Miami’s music scene. J Back to the topic at hand…


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the US economy added 304,000 jobs. Side note: with a serious-sounding organization name like that – I bet these people really could use some live entertainment. Economists with their calculators and their spreadsheets estimated that only about 160,000 jobs would be created. Good job guys. The actual figures proved 62 percent higher than what was forecast. 

I’d call it a classic swing and a miss. But for the jobs sector it was a grand slam. Better still because in December wages jumped too – a healthy 3.2 percent from one year ago. Added to strong jobs gains in October and November (plus upward revisions) and the US 4th quarter of 2018 and the first month of 2019 were smoking hot. Stock market jitters – and the longest government shutdown in history – have had little real economic impact. So far.

From US Big Picture to 305 Fine Print

The job report’s fine print was also great news for the Magic City. Hospitality and leisure establishments (think: bars, restaurants, and hotels that often include live entertainment) added 74,000 jobs, an annual gain of 410,000. This news also squared nicely with Miami-Dade’s Q3 Labor Market Report, which found that across the county, hospitality and tourism was the region’s largest employer with 143,000 jobs. In the last five years the industry has enjoyed a compounded annual growth rate of 3.3 percent.


So with the national and the local entertainment economy humming along what’s to do about it? At Dry N Wet, experts in live entertainment and event planning solutions, we have a couple ideas.


As everyone knows, when business is good there’s a noticeable trickle down effect. More staff means more capacity to handle bigger events. There’s even a possibility of hosting your live entertainment event off site at a larger venue. Or, this being Miami, perhaps it’s time you set up a satellite gig on the beach. I recommend 5th and Ocean. It’s walking distance to the Washington and 5th St. bus stop, express from downtown. Just remember, the City of Miami Beach must be informed if a gathering exceeds more than 12 people. Make sure you play by the rules.


Also statistics repeatedly show that when times are good Americans are terrible at saving money. Instead they like to spend it when they have it. So while the fact that America’s savings rate was at a 12-year low last January, that isn’t necessarily the worst piece of news for when it comes to throwing an amazing live entertainment event. 

Celebrate Economic Success with Us

One of the best ways to celebrate success is to do it with a top-quality DJ and a live entertainment experience. Study after study reveals that few branding promotions are as rewarding as throwing a kick-ass event.


After all, great music and great live entertainment can create near-transcendent experiences. 


Rather than taking on more headache and hassle, why not leave the hard part to us? Save your money. Or use it to pay your staff better wages in 2019. Or put it to use by working with us. Dry N Wet’s exclusive 3-tier system groups DJs by their abilities, industry reputation, and what additional talents they bring to the table. Whatever your budget or your sound and lighting needs, we have those needs covered.

Very often our open DJ format is among our most popular. An Open Format DJ (aka a multi-genre DJ) will adapt to any kind of crowd. These DJs are defined by their capacity to change the music on the go, moving from styles ranging from Salsa, Pop, Top 40 and other sounds. These DJs are your best ally for events like weddings, celebrations and other kinds of gathering where the main goal is to have something for everybody and to make everybody happy.


Tier 2 artists transcend the traditional definition of "DJ" and offer you more: live singers, synthesizers and saxophones are just a few examples of what to expect. Tier 3 is what we call “top shelf.” And DJs in this category are the perfect choice if you want to create brand awareness and further promote Miami as America's live entertainment and DJ capital.

Back in Business and Ain’t it Grand

The bottom line: let the live entertainment good times roll and you and your business will be able to cash in on the 100th consecutive month of jobs growth.


Good job, America. Keep up the great errr…work!