Detroit Invades Miami

25.03.19 10:30 AM Comment(s)

What Detroit's Miami "Invasion" Means for the Motor City

OK. I promise I won’t alwayswrite about Detroit in these live entertainmentposts. But when I see news about my home city and it’s positive it’s hard not to feel inspired. That’s especially true when the news has a Miami connection. I’m certain my readers who hail from a place they love can appreciate the not-so-subtle hometown plug. Evenmy New York readers. 


So what did I learn this past weekend? It turns out I’m not the only Michigander in South Florida. Shocker, I know. Of course I knew this by anecdote. You might even call it a “mini invasion.” 


But proof in numbers is always validating. Part of my work for Dry N Wetand our live entertainmentpreparation involves research. It’s important to understand Miami demographics, its hospitality landscape, as well as gain a general sense of how this city and surrounding region sees itself evolving in the future.

Music to Miami’s Ears: ‘Big D’ Residents Come South

Which brings me to the Greater Miami and the Beaches 2017 Visitor Industry Overview. Prepared by the Greater Miami & Visitors Bureau, it’s a comprehensive document. The 62-page report examines a host of characteristics that make up the typical Miami visitor. I knew that with a few clicks of my mouse I’d struck research gold.


And there it was on page 10. “Top Domestic Markets Ranked by Number of Visitors.” Much to my pleasure I discovered that Detroit ranked in the top 10 cities people visit Miami from! Specifically the Motor City came in at 9 out of the top 25. But in terms of percent change... cue the live entertainmentphaser effects…Detroit was number 1. 


That’s right. In 2017, 161,707 Detroiters visited Greater Miami and Miami Beach. That’s a healthy 3.8 percent above the figures for 2016. And Detroit was the only city on the list to post such a gain. Of course, you could argue that the statistic indicates a bunch of winter-white Midwesterners fleeing the northern cold. That, or that anyone who can afford a flight is escaping the city’s violent crime rate or the decline of basic city services like street lighting where only five years ago, nearly 40 percentwere dark.


Laugh. Laugh. Ha. Ha. Not funny.


What’s more likely is that many Detroiters know an important truth. Next to our home city, Miami is a pretty amazing place to visit. Not just for midwinter sunshine and warmth. But for the city’s live entertainment.

A 248's 411 on the 305 Live Entertainment

From Brickell, Downtown, Coral Gables and Wynwood, to South Beach, Lincoln Rd., and Mid Beach (Fontainebleau I’m looking at you) Greater Miami is one of the best regions in the country to enjoy live entertainment. Sin City can keep their desert sand and their casinos. Metro Detroiters can enjoy Hart Plaza, Elektricity, The Works, and Bleau Detroit. We prefer our local scene. For Big D residents visiting Miami the Detroit sound should be familiar. What writer David Irelandcalls “futuristic and cold.” “The sound of a city in decay and drifting in outer space.” Throw in the reverberations of a Roland 909 and 808 drum machines and synth sounds from the Yamaha DX 100, and you begin to approach that vintage Detroit Techno vibe.


In Miami sometimes it’s the smaller venues that cater to this DIY entrepreneurial minimalism. Wynwood’s the Electric Pickle comes to mind. Last year, for instance, 313 native Daniel Bell played in the venue’s upstairs lounge as part of Miami Music Week. Another name, Detroit DJ/musician HAZMAT played there too. Elsewhere, Miami Beach’s Do Not Sit on the Furniture on 16thand Washington, and downtown’s larger Club Space with its 30,000 square feet of dance floor, also cater to this scene.


As experts in a wide variety of electronic music, Dry N Wet is your go-to source when your live entertainmentevent seeks to include this vibrant sound. In the last few decades electronic music – beyond Detroit Techno – has gained significant traction in Miami. Once a genre associated exclusively with the hottest clubs in Ibiza, Mykonos and Berlin, it is now pervasive across our city. It’s a sound that’s great for hotel pools, art galleries, and other events where the goal is to create a unique ambiance. 

From Woodward to Wynwood

That means that whether you’re looking for House, Deep House, Lounge, or Progressive we have the DJs that will meet your live entertainmentneeds. Some of those artists include:


I have personally heard each of these artists perform and I can tell you with full-on Michigan and Miami pride – that they are incredible, each with their own signature style and approach. If the Magic City’s Detroit “invasion” continues as the recent statistics suggest that it will, it will be incumbent on us Midwestern ex-pats living here to ensure we continue to deliver this distinctive sound and scene – a liberal, futuristic, auditory and visual expressionism whose influence stretches across the globe. 


So keep up the great work Detroit. Keep making – and remaking– music history. And for my peeps back home, come and visit!